Day 16-18: Easter Kapha

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This weekend was full of much needed family time.  It had been a while since I hIMG_6361ave been able to see my mom, sisters and my sweet nephews and it always grounds me again to go back home.  I did my best to stay in the moment, and I enjoyed every bit of it.  My oldest nephew, Brady, even did yoga with me one morning and even though he was a major distraction while he used me as his jungle gym, he also did a few rounds with me.  It was pretty cute!

We ate a lot of Kapha heavy foods and turned off the outside world for a bit.  Brady and I colored Easter eggs and I was reminded of what it felt like to witness MAGIC again.  It was pretty cool to enjoy such a beautiful Easter day with two separate Easter egg hunts for both Brady and Matt’s little niece, Miriam.

I have switched over to coconut oil for my daily moisturizer versus sesame oil which I use in colder months.  I wouldn’t typically switch over until consistent 60-65 degree days are here, but I am hoping that the cooling qualities of coconut will calm my Pitta a little.  Refer to my last post if you have no idea what I am talking about! I also have a No Bake cocoa COCONUT bar that my sister brought to Easter that I will be sharing on here. It was DELICIOUS and chuck full of nutritous chia and flax – and COCOA!!


All in all, I am feeling better. I finished that maternity leave and no longer work 12hr days on Monday and Tuesday which allowed me an entire day to catch up on things in the office and I had time to do a nice relaxing and awakening Yin practice before my salutations this morning. I did a Yin workshop last weekend at Cityoga and have been playing around with the poses all week. I knew going into this, that I would have to balance these sun salutations with Yin yoga but when I can’t make it to a class, I have been enjoying these postures and using the philosophy at home.

I have a lot of fun ideas on how to introduce yoga into our community and if there is anything that you would specifically like for me to discuss, please let me know! I am writing this as my personal journey, but that involves so many of you and your input will only make it richer.

If you are interested in donating to my mission of reaching far into our community by donating 50% of all contributions to a local community organization while also funding my dreams of going to India to complete my RYT500 in Yoga Therapy please visit my campaign page at The first 36 days, I am partnering with Peace Learning Center out of Eagle Creek and my goal is to raise a total of $4,000 before April 24th. In effort to raise money for this campaign, among many things, I will be offering donation based yoga classes in and around Indianapolis at various art galleries, parks and fairs. For more information on “pin-drop” classes, check out my Facebook account.

IMG_6366                       IMG_6362

Thanks so much guys and I hope that you all had a great Easter weekend!

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