Natural Dendritic Opal gemstones, wire wrapped in gold onto a durable hairpin. A beautiful contrast of creamy white and black striations with hues of light green, blue, violet and coral.

Opal has a fine vibration that stimulates originality and dynamic creativity, allowing you to express your true self. Dendritic Opals are absorbent and reflective. They pick up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them, and returns them to source. Opal amplifies traits and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. Enhancing self-worth, it helps you to understand your full potential. This crystal will combine even the most intense spiritual energies into the physical realm with grace and ease.

These pieces are in collaboration with Rana at Salame Jewelry Design, as a beauty filled tribute to the seasons of change, both within our garden spaces and within our Selves. Each piece is inspired by my own backyard garden with the sweet vibes of a groovy music festival. They are meant to provoke a sense of authentic expression, love and freedom - however that manifests for you. Our deepest of wishes, is that you wear these pieces with a sense of wonder and exploration of your own beauty and recognition of the power you hold within. 

And so shall it be x


Dendritic Opal hairpin

01. Stimulates originality + creativity

02. Supports transformation

03. Enhance sense of Self worth

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