An exclusive giftset, in collaboration with woman owned small business artisans. A package that includes an exclusive handcrafted mug, gemstone hairpin and handcrafted herbal tea blend. 

Relax Giftset

A Quartz hairpin is wire wrapped on a functional hairpin that works on everything from fine to thick hair. There are several ways to style the hairpin and tutorials are available on Rana's Instagram. It's the perfect little bit of energy, think of it as a vibe channeling antenna.

This adornment was made by the loving hands of mama Rana of Salame Jewelry Designs in her 1890s farmhouse studio nestled near the energies of the White River in the heart of Indiana.

Find her on Etsy, Insta and everywhere else by this name.

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These mugs are exclusively hand thrown and painted for this RELAX giftset, with an aptly titled design; Earthworks. Angela Vinson is the talent behind these beautifully designed mugs and all her creations at LaLa Gallery. The weight and hold of these mugs are a perfect vessel for that caffeine hit in the morning and for sipping your tea throughout the day. 

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Also included in this exclusive Mother’s Day giftset is Murana’s #1 herbal tea blend. Handcrafted from the finest ingredients, ethically sourced from sustainable farms. This blend has peppermint + spearmint to calm and soothe your belly after dinner and includes all the calming sleep induced herbs of lemon verbena, chamomile, passionflower and cornflower. Each sip will no doubt lull you into a rejuvenating nights sleep. 

We can’t think of a better way to RELAX at the end of the day, than to throw your hair up in a bun with a twinkle of quartz to cleanse your energy, while sipping on Sleepytime tea out of your LaLa mug. 

There are limited quantities of this giftset and they have been selling fast, so grab yours today! Once they’re gone, they’re gone x

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