Daily Sacred Rituals for Resilient Healing.

Moving through your everyday with the mindset of Sacred Ritual + Celebration, is sometimes all we need to turn the mundane into MAGICK. 

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If you're looking to invite magick into your everyday, you're in the right place

Sacred rituals do not have to be grand to be effective. I do believe that making these small shifts in how we approach our movements and mindset throughout the day, allows more space for grander gestures. 
Who knows, you may even find yourself drawing a bath one night by candlelight with a good book in hand. 

You deserve this sister. 

In everyday movements, continuously ask yourself, "How can I bring more sacredness to this very moment?"

What we do...

Every step of my journey has brought me to this moment, sharing these gifts with you. I invite you on this journey with me as we rediscover our inner resilience through daily sacred rituals of yoga, connection with nature, botanicals, crystals and more.



The Best Kept Secret for a Blissful Day. 

I have a very strong belief that our days start the night before. Nighttime rituals invite you into a rejuvenating + peaceful sleep, allowing you to wake feeling ready to land softly into the new day. 
Rest easy friend, I've got you x



An invitation to connect deeply with your Self and discover the magick that lies within, by my girl Dia Michelle Smith aka Dazzle x


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Signature Offering

SoulFull Seasons

This yearlong offering is an invitation to reclaim the sacredness of our everyday through ritual + ceremony that follow the natural rhythm of season change with our inner desires. Together, with a community of heart-centered women, we explore yoga, meditation, journaling, herbal DIY, connection with nature and so much more, creating a safe place to land in the coming year.  

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My Offerings

A collection of Sacred Ritual items and practices to support harmony, strength and resiliency. While we all have our own stories, we do not travel alone. 
My hand is at your back, sis - I've got you x 



All Levels Daily Yoga Practice

Cultivate your own personal practice with gentle movement + connection to breath.  A wonderfully simple, yet powerful, 5 minute yoga practice that can extend to 30 minutes or longer, depending on your needs. 


Success Stories

“Stephanie has a lovely way of not being too woo-woo, but she's also not sterile. There is a genuine warmth to her teachings


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A little drop of inspiration + love into your mailbox every Sunday evening.  An invitation to slow down, tune-in and set yourself up for a sacred week ahead with meditation, herbal DIY and more.