Let's Create this Incredible Community Together

Regardless of what brought you to my little corner of the web or where you are on your journey, I'm honored that you are here. Please, take your time looking around and let's connect. I look forward to learning more from each other.  

You don't have to do it alone.

While our stories are ours in the details, we are all connected.

My yoga journey began in 2004, simply as a physical practice, to help prevent injury while training for the Indy Half Marathon.  A few years later, after my father passed away suddenly from cancer and 5 weeks later, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, yoga became by path to healing.  I received my YTT certification in 2012 as a means to dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga and because I craved community and wanted to cultivate what I felt I was missing from my time living in Australia. Flash forward to 2015 where I found myself in a tangled heap of anxiety and depression after experiencing immense trauma, grief and shame.

During this time, is where the seeds of Murana were planted. 

It is through these practices that I discovered my own resilience & share these gifts with you.

... and slowly allowing myself to step back onto my mat, I rediscovered my inner resilience.  My own MURANA.  It hasn't all been grief, sickness and despair.  There has been a constant thread of beauty strung throughout, I just had to work a little harder at times to spot her.

I however, can promise you this... you aren't alone. And when you do catch the light, it's even more vibrant for having to shine through the cracks of darkness.  

Connecting with nature, learning her healing qualities

Sacred Practices

Move with the Moon yoga Series

4 week online yoga series following the energy of our lunar cycle, allowing her wisdom to guide us through each phase. 
(currently suspended)

Personal Yoga Sessions

Cultivate your personal practice, in a series of one-on-one sessions that support your individual needs. 

Free online LIVE Yoga

Let's connect on Facebook or Instagram for free yoga, meditation & wellness rituals.

- unknown

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down.”

It hasn't all been grief, sickness and despair.

SoulFull Seasons 

A yearlong journey of ritual + ceremony in connection with Self, nature and heart-centered community. 

Rediscover the beauty and magick that lies within our everyday  through mindfulness practices, herbal DIY, crystals, journaling and more. This is a self-guided offering with a strong community support of sacred sisters who walk this path together. I see you. I know this year has been hard. But it's also been full of possibilities and beauty. 
Sometimes we just have to look a little harder to find the magick - and sometimes we have to create it for our Selves. 



FRUSTRATED with lack of spark...

Days run on autopilot and I'm not sure how I got here. Now. Today & in this World. There are so many fires to put out, but no spark. Where have I disappeared? 

OVERWHELMED BY endless duties...

I am constantly giving myself to others, making sure those around me are nourished, safe and growing. I'm giving from an empty cup and those around me can feel it too. 

unsure HOW TO own my power...

When did I stop saying YES to my Self?  It feels hard to move forward with my own knowing, it feels so unclear. I know my intuition is strong, I just need to regain my strength. 

The Magick


Connect the natural rhythms of season change with your internal desires.  

Invite more sacredness into your everyday with a curious mind and open heart.

learn the magick and beauty of sacred botanicals through herbal DIY and ritual. 

Trust & honor your intuition to move and carry you to the exact places you are meant to be. 

Connect deeply with heart-centered womxn who witness & celebrate your path. 


- Lindsay

"Honestly,  this offering is the main thing I look forward to every week. Stephanie is such an amazing, kind, and peaceful teacher. Thank you!

Invite Sacredness today

Nightly Sacred Rituals

Create a simple + effective evening ritual with these 5 easy steps to support a rejuvenating & peaceful sleep, allowing you to move forward in your day with more clarity and joy. 
Rest easy friend, I've got you x

Nighttime Rituals

Cultivate Sacred Movement

All Levels Daily Yoga Practice

Develop a personal home practice with gentle movement + connection to breath. A wonderfully simple, yet powerful, 5 minute yoga practice that can extend to 30 minutes or longer, depending on your needs. 

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