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Peace Learning Center, located in the heart of beautiful Eagle Creek Park

As I write this, I am high above the clouds and finally have a chance to tell you all about Peace Learning Center and their SUPER power PEACE spreading LOVE programs that stretch far beyond our 465 grid. This is a post I have been wanting to share for a while now, and I since I am belted into this blue patten leather seat with no ability to do Sun Salutations, work or conduct normal human behavior things – the timing is NOW!

Lets start with WHO Peace Learning Center benefits. Think Ferguson, think bullying in schools, in nursing homes (this happens!), hate and misunderstanding in our communities, political, racial and gender disputes. All terrible things, right? Issues that everyone can agree, if resolved or avoided, would make our world and our communities more safe, more functional and a better place to live and have respect for. Peace Learning Center works directly with these groups to facilitate peace education sessions that create a more peaceful world by engaging the timeless values of respect, dignity and dialogue between individuals and within communities. How cool is that?! Go PLC!

I visited their facility in Eagle Creek Park earlier this week, and spoke with Stacy Robinson, PLC Program Director, and she gave me a tour of their beautiful historic building nestled in the thick of the woods, right on Eagle Creek Reservoir. This building used to be the home to Eli Lilly’s brother, who purchased over 5300 acres of what is Eagle Creek Park and over time has been passed down to the city and is now humbly resided by a team of warm and cheerful Peace Warriors who spread light and love far into our community and beyond. Different organizations, from all over the world, have modeled peace programs off PLC. Programs that are in YOUR communities!

Not only do PLC faculty provide programs in schools, nursing homes, correctional institutions, and communities around our city. They also host summer camp sessions at their facility, using nature and a combination of programs to help participants learn the necessary tools to properly communicate and resolve misunderstandings and disputes. PLC is currently working with the young teenage girl from Brookside Park High School, who was recently caught on video brutally beating a fellow student. The video went viral and the young girl AND the victim of the beating have received scrutiny from all corners. PLC is not only working directly with the two girls but also their families to help all those involved have better coping techniques when faced with adversity.

Did you know that middle school and high school students use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to rally and provoke fights in and after school? They place bets or “likes” to vote who will win a fight before it has happened. These students are coerced into school-ground battles as a form of entertainment and pleasure and sometimes the “fighters” will not even know each other or have an issue with each other. Can you believe this? All I can say, is while High School may not have been all roses and circus charades – it was not even close to the level of bullying and self deprecation that is found in hallways today. Primary school is a place where students are meant to enrich their understanding of the world, and if they are left to believe this is how the world works – that is a lost opportunity for humanity and for our future. Peace Learning Center is doing their part in changing that diagram.

Through Peace Learning Center and with the help of community volunteerism, donations and grants, we can help to change the trend and learning patterns of these misguided individuals. By teaching and encouraging better coping mechanisms, these individuals can face adversity no matter what stage in life or situation they find themselves in.

I am so excited to have found this organization and I am HONORED beyond belief that they have agreed to join forces to raise money for my cause of going to India to further my education in Yoga Therapy. Fifty percent of all contributions to my gofundme account will go to Peace Learning Center where $.93 of every dollar goes directly into their programs and services so they can continue to do good in our community and be a role model to other communities who are interested in starting their own Peace Learning programs all around the country.  During the campaign, I will be doing my part in raising awareness and mindfulness through yoga by visiting schools where PLC offers services. Some of these classes will have students with some major behavioral issues, so wish me  luck! For one, I’ve never taught a classroom full of students, let alone a classroom that very well, may eat me alive!

We all come from different backgrounds and we all have stories that we carry with us that impact the way we see the world and people around us. When we can see past our own perceptions and molding, we can start to see that we are all the same. EXACTLY the same. When your neighbor has light shining on them, you do too. When we harm one another or wish poorly for someone, we are harming ourselves.

Peace Learning Center is helping those individuals who need extra clarity into the inner connectedness of our world. By reaching out and helping PLC, they are reaching out and helping our community to better understand compassion, respect and appropriate communication skills. In the same way, it is my mission to help others break through their dark shadows we all carry with us through Yoga Therapy, so that we can all live to our full potential we are set on this earth to do.

Can we all HANDS IN to making this world a better place? I encourage you to do something today that makes another person smile, feel loved or extra special. Lets make it INFECTIOUS!

Hats off to Peace Learning Center! You guys are a gem in our community and I couldn’t be happier to be working alongside you!

If you would like to support my campaign by making a donation where fifty percent of all contributions will be shared with Peace Learning Center and will also go towards my goal of raising money for continued education in Yoga Therapy, please visit


How great is this room?! Mark your Calendars!! On April 24th, I will be leading a 108 Sun Salute class in this beautiful space overlooking Eagle Creek Reservoir x

Thank you so much and have so much fun spreading your light today!

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