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Peace Learning Center 6040 Delong Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46254

This week has gone by FAST as I settle back into a routine and prepare for my first 108 Sun Salutation CELEBRATION at Peace Learning Center in Eagle Creek Park THIS FRIDAY, April 24th. This will end my first 36 days of the campaign and will be the last day to donate to this wonderful organization! My goal is to raise $4000 so that I can donate $2000 to PLC who promotes peace through education services throughout our city and  influences programs around the world. For more information on this wonderful organization, check out my blog post here.


It is going to be SO FUN pumping this room with radiant energy and warm Sun Salutations!

This past week, I have caught myself “nesting” and doing a lot of Spring Cleaning around my usual work schedule and completing 108 Sun Salutations every day. While my last blog post was an ode to the many transitions I have came through during my travels and living overseas, it is when I return home that I am reminded of the ever present qualities of feeling grounded in the bountiful love that surrounds me. In short, I’m pretty damn lucky. While travel expands my views and my horizons, it is home that expands my heart.

IMG_7179My ideal situation, would be to live a lifestyle where my branches can expand far and wide and also have a homestead where I can set down some roots. While I have fantasized about life as a nomad and traveling the world endlessly, it is more and more apparent that I NEED to have a home base where I can feel grounded. Coming home to Matt, and having my nephews and family close and my dog and chickens in the backyard – these are my roots. I need them. Having time away, and then coming home to this place that I have created with all my favorite things, makes that all the more apparent. I am navigating a path where I can set these roots down comfortably and still allow my branches to grow wild.

I want to continue reaching into the community and connecting with people, and by way of Yoga Therapy, helping them to reach their full potential and overcome battles we all face. I am excited to use my previous experiences and meld them with present and future knowledge to create a rich understanding of human interaction and wellness. 11150318_10104928036452378_6380144137769452992_n

This past week, I spent one evening playing cards with my girlfriends. We used to get together pretty regularly for our “old lady card night” and it hasn’t happened since before the holidays. That’s 6 months ago! Needless to say, it was WAY overdue and it filled my heart with so much joy!! I had to work that day, so I did my usual 36 Sun Salutations in the morning, a few at lunch and I even got 20 more done while we were waiting on dinner to finish cooking. This meant that I had 22 more rounds before bed, which I got done before midnight. Phew!

This is often how my Sun Salutations go. I rarely ever get them done all at once. To do so, I would need to block out a 2-3hour time slot each day and that isn’t possible. Plus, I don’t think doing 108 sun salutations at once, every day, would be good for my body and breaking them up throughout the day allows me to slow down and adapt my sequences to the time of day and what my body is asking for. I may not get a blog post written every day, I am however, getting my salutations done and as time passes, they too are beginning to feel like HOME.

IMG_7182While somedays I feel like I am trudging through these salutations and it takes all that I have to get them done, other days, I just flow and it feels great and I finish a whole string of salutations with seemingly very little effort. I equate it to a “runner’s high”. I am on day 32 of coming to my mat with these 108 salutations. I haven’t done yoga for 32 days straight – EVER. While the first couple weeks I noticed a lot of changes that weren’t favorable, such as a spike in my pitta i.e. anger, greasy hair/face, general irritation; I feel like I am coming into my “sweet spot”. My body feels strong and capable and my mind is starting to catch up.

Spending time near the ocean and consciously looking around to experience the NEW, has allowed me to come home and re-experience the old in a beautiful new light. These sun salutations are shining light on dark shadows that are sometimes confronting, but they are also shining light on the good that I have in my life. Far and wide, I am a very fortunate lady indeed. Sometimes I have to step away to see the big picture, and it is good.

If you would like to support my campaign, please visit my page. Friday is the last day to donate to Peace Learning Center before changing partners and teaming up with an animal rescue organization. More on this later!! Thank you for supporting me and my aspirations of expanding my knowledge of Yoga Therapy and sharing this powerful healing therapy with my community.

Big hugs and lots of love to you!!

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