Day 34: Beauty in Imperfections

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HAPPY Earth Day! How lucky are we, to be placed on THIS EARTH to give, share, connect and give back?! Mother Earth supports us, gives us nourishment and awe inspiring landscapes that hold beautiful people of all colors and flavors. We are fortunate earthlings indeed!!

photo-7I am feeling MUCH BETTER than I did a few short hours ago. Usually, I am out of bed by 5:30 to insure I get at least 36 rounds of Surya Namaskar completed before the rush of the day. This morning, however – I did not. I woke up this morning feeling stiff with anxiety and feelings of fear and inadequacy. I am coming to the end of my first 36 days and I am far from my goal of raising $4000 to share with Peace Learning Center and their powerful peace education programs. I still have two more days to reach my goal and by god, I will do my best to get as close as possible!

Manifest! Manifest!! This is my mantra. Every single round of these Sun Salutations is manifesting dreams

When I am working at the dental office, I take my lunch hour to complete more Sun Salutations and I can usually get 20-50 rounds in. Today, I barely had time to eat lunch. That left me with 108 rounds to do after work, which I procrastinated and didn’t start until 9:00. It’s usually not this difficult. I have come to really enjoy these Salutations. They are starting to feel like an extension of me. Coming to my “mat” is starting to feel like home again.

photo-6As I mentioned in yesterday’s post – I am SO appreciative of all your support and love throughout this campaign. Some of you are sisters and brothers I have collected over the years and some of you are perfect strangers and for all of you, I am so grateful. Thank you for walking this path with me and sharing this journey with me. Like so many times before, it is your sweet comments, phone calls, cards and words of encouragement that keep me going. Yesterday, it was a very sweet and timely gesture from Matt that brightened my day. I know that I need to find happiness within, and not rely on others for joy and fulfillment – but sometimes it is so NICE and so REFRESHING to know that I am not alone on this journey. I have YOU, and I have matt and today I have these flowers to remind me of all the beauty surrounding me to be so abundantly grateful for!

This 108 day Sun Salutation challenge is trying in areas that are unexpected and I am riding these waves the best I can. I knew this challenge would be difficult physically, doing any sort of physical activity 2-3 hours a day is challenging!! In the weeks and months leading up to this challenge, I conditioned my body and I was extra mindful to only put nourishing food into my mouth and into my psyche. While my body is feeling extra strong and capable of these Sun Salutations, my mind is warped on some days. I knew these Sun Salutations would shine light on dark and forgotten shadows,  I however, wasn’t fully prepared for all the emotional baggage this practice would dredge up. Thank you for bearing with me as I navigate these unknown corners.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Once I finally made it to my practice tonight, I was exhausted emotionally and still felt very stiff. I lit candles – I had a night of NO LIGHTS in honor of Earth Day – and while the first couple rounds were a little creaky, I kept going and one by one – I completed all 108. I took my sweet time and it took me over 2 hours, but once I had finished, all my anxiety had been washed away with the sweat and my heart was once again renewed with hope and possibility.

While I am doing this challenge as a means to fulfill my dreams of going to India to complete my RYT 500 in Yoga Therapy to bring this knowledge back and share with my community, I am also on a personal journey and I have to focus on this, first and foremost. If I focus too hard on raising funds, my ego will unbalance and become vulnerable of bruising. I need to keep things in perspective, and the truth is – I have enough. I am enough. I am fortunate beyond measure to even be here and through these Sun Salutations I will continue to shine light on all that is good and share this light with you.

Thank you so much and again – THANK YOU for all your love and encouragement throughout this journey. I am here for YOU and together we can inspire each other to be the better version of ourselves

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