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Welcome to this little corner of the web, where I share musings of earth magick, everyday ritual + ceremony and connection with Self.  My hope, is this becomes a space for us to connect, share, inspire and be inspired by one another. I look forward to connecting with you more! 

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Beginner’s Yoga:

If you are feeling some apprehension around attending a yoga class as a beginner, this class is offered with you in mind. This 4 week yoga series is especially tailored for first time yogis or anyone who is interested in getting back to the basics of movement and connection to breath.

Each week will build on the week before, as we move slowly through the fundamentals of basic yoga postures. Class sizes are small, so that you can become familiar and comfortable with each other and with this practice.

In saying so, classes fill up, so please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.


What will you need to prepare for class?

Come wearing comfortable cloths that move with you, an open mind and willingness to learn. If you have a yoga mat, that’s great. I have plenty to share if you don’t.





YIN (Restorative) Yoga:

If you have the feeling that life is moving too quickly, and you are struggling to juggle a million things at once, this class gives you permission to just BE. Exactly where you are.


Yin Yoga is a super nourishing and grounding practice. Perfect for someone who has limited mobility, tight muscles {insert “not flexible”} and is ideal for anyone who feels they need life to SLOW DOWN.

In an hour long Yin Yoga class, you may only do 6-8 postures, holding each for 8-10 minutes. This allows deep tissue release and restoration of overworked muscles and tired bones. Postures are normally done while laying down or sitting in various positions. This will be an introduction to YIN, and can easily be tailored to your specific needs.


Class sizes are kept small and fill up fast, so please contact me if you are interested or have any questions.








Donation Yoga Classes:

These classes are a great opportunity to drop-in, check out our cool space at MathBOX, and give back to your community.


These classes are offered periodically, in-between our 4 week courses, and will feature various local organizations who are doing big things in our community.


Come as you are, pay what you can.


A few organizations we have supported, with generous donations from our students, include:

Peace Learning Center

Habitat for Humanity, Women’s Build

Project Home Indy

Cover Lafayette Project

Caregiver Companion


The Best Kept Secret for a Blissful Day. 

I have a very strong belief that our days start the night before. Nighttime rituals invite you into a rejuvenating + peaceful sleep, allowing you to wake feeling ready to land softly into the new day. 
Rest easy friend, I've got you x



An invitation to connect deeply with your Self and discover the magick that lies within, by my girl Dia Michelle Smith aka Dazzle x


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All Levels Daily
Yoga Practice

Develop a personal home practice with gentle movement + connection to breath. A wonderfully simple, yet powerful, 5 minute yoga practice that can extend to 30 minutes or longer, depending on your needs. 

Daily Sacred Rituals for
Resilient Healing x 


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