Day 3: Giving Gratitude

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Joey has no concept of spatial boundaries xx Guitar picks were used as "counters" this morning, I have been using stones and crystals but I left my house in such a frenzy yesterday, I was lucky to grab my mat and my toothbrush!!

Joey has no concept of spatial boundaries xx Guitar picks were used as “counters” this morning, I have been using stones and crystals but I left my house in such a frenzy yesterday, I was lucky to grab my mat and my toothbrush!!

After yesterday, I allowed myself to sleep in and it felt GLORIOUS. I had a really hard time getting motivated but I managed to trudge through 50 rounds of Surya Namaskar A. Usually after 10 or so, my body finds a rhythm and the flow comes easier but this morning was a struggle throughout. I chalked it up to not eating well yesterday, as we spent the entire day looking for our missing dog and food was not a priority.

Matt made us a big nutritious breakfast and I did feel better and I felt my spirits lift a little. I however, was exhausted and on the verge of grumptastic all day. Yesterday was so full of intense emotions that covered a wide spectrum from fierce anger to complete and utter elation. I didn’t quite feel it yesterday because I was in survival mode and wholly focused on getting Althea back, but my body felt it today.

My grumpiness lasted the rest of the day as the tall list of things yet to do, including cleaning a clients house, getting ready for the week ahead and 58 more rounds of salutations, loomed over my head.

This weekend did not turn out to be anything like I had expected or planned and I can say the same for my blog posts. I had so many fun ideas that I wanted to share with you, but the enormity of this challenge is starting to hit me. Not only am I required to perform daily tasks of going to work and doing normal human being things in between these 108 Sun Salutations, but I have to make sure that I fuel my body with the proper nutrition to support this sort of rigorous activity and get ample amount of sleep and take care of my psyche. This weekend, I did very little of that.

So at 9:30 this evening as I drag my feet into my yoga room, I’m thinking “just pump these last 58 rounds out, and get it over with”. I was about 5 or 6 rounds in, when my mind started to shift and I started to think of how grateful I was. It started with Matt and how grateful I was that he helped me clean this afternoon and how he shows his ever constant support in all that I do. Then it shifted to my family, and friends and every single round I dedicated to a specific loved one who I am eternally grateful for. This went on and on and by the time I got to 58, I was in tears and felt so humbled and so full of love and gratitude. My body finally feels more at ease and my mind is calm.

I’m tired, but it’s also 11:34p and way past my bedtime.  So at that, I’m signing off.  I’m so glad that it is with a happy heart!  I truly am blessed to have so many people who I am so grateful to walk beside me on this journey we call life xx

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