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Here you will find personal musings of healing, ritual + ceremony. My hope is that you discover your own sense of magick through working with botanicals in DIY herbal recipes, tea and elixir potions + crystal work. I look forward to connecting more with you as we journey through the seasons together and learn from one  another.



Not to be TMI, but I started my period on Tuesday and this is kinda a big deal because I haven’t had my cycle since April. I am typically very regular. I knew these Sun Salutations would probably affect my cycle but I wasn’t exactly sure how. Doing most yoga, whether this is Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, […]

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MOON OBSESSED, Green Witch with a side of DR. Quinn Medicine WOman

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grab a cup of tea and settle in. I'm so glad you are here.

Every step of my journey has brought me to this moment, sharing these gifts with you. I invite you on this journey with me as we rediscover our inner resilience through daily sacred rituals of yoga, connection with nature, botanicals, crystals and more.

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